The School District of Philadelphia will remain closed indefinitely.
More about the closure, and other updates, in the letter from Dr. Hite HERE, provided in 10 languages.

March 31: The District recently announced their plan to provide a Chromebook to every student who needs one for learning at home. More information on the Chromebook Loaner Program can be found HERE.

Grab-and-go meal sites continue to operate for our students. Updated locations and times are HERE.

A second set of K-12 Learning Guides are available online, and at meal sites as of Monday March 30. More info is HERE.

We now have an email address ( and SDP Hotlines in 10 languages for Learning Guide support and general questions. More info HERE.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions are being added regularly, HERE.

Please visit our Coronavirus Information Hub often for the most up-to-date information.

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William C. Longstreth
Home of the Lions!

Message to The W.C. Longstreth Families and Community Members:

Welcome to W.C. Longstreth Elementary School. We are committed to providing all of our scholars with high quality instruction in a safe, warm and inviting environment that will allow each and every scholar to work to their fullest potential. Our parents and community members are our partners! This collaboration provides our scholars with a holistic opportunity to become upstanding citizens who can compete with the demands of our growing economy. At Longstreth we Achieve Excellence Together!

Principal Tisha A. Douglas

Letter from Principal Douglas COVID-19

Dear Parents/Guardians,

In this time of uncertainty we want you to know that all of our scholars and families are in our thoughts and prayers. We miss each and every one of you and look forward to returning back to school. Until then, please be safe. Safety should be the number one priority. We realize that there are a lot of wonders. You are wondering what is going to happen with the eighth graders and graduation; what will happen as far as grades and promotion/retention; how are scholars going to make up the work and learning missed during this time; and I am sure I can go on and on. I want to assure you that the Longstreth teachers and staff are working during this time on a plan to meet the individual needs of our scholars when they return. The district as a whole will have guidance for the whole district, but we are going to make sure we have specific guidance for our school as we know what our scholars need. Continue to work with your children at home. There are online resource available along with free internet services from Comcast. Links to all the resources can be found on the district webpage at Teachers are providing information and work on class Dojo and Remind. This work is meant to be for enrichment and practice.

Please don’t stress yourselves out with intense homeschooling. The Longstreth Team “We Got You”! Parents focus on the basics. When your scholars know the basics we can soar when they return!! Check out our theme and the type of work we will make available through Dojo and Remind. If you work with your children on these focus areas, it will be instrumental in working with them up when they return.

Longstreth Theme: BACK TO BASIC ~ The Big Three

Grades K-3:
ELA Focus:
1. Site Words
2. Parts of Speech
3. Reading Response journaling (format for responded will be provided)

Math Focus: Conceptual understanding of basic Math (skip counting, place value…)
1. Addition
2. Subtraction
3. Telling Time (I will send the picture of the clock I found on pintrest that ties in conceptual                                  understanding of counting and telling time)

Grades 4-8
ELA Focus
1. Site Words/Vocabulary {Prefix, Suffix, Root Word}
2. Grammar
3. Reading Response journaling (format for responded will be provided)

Math Focus: Numbers and Operations Base Ten and Fractions.
1. Multiplication Facts
2. Fractions & Decimals                                                                                                                                                         3. Place Value (numbers, fractions and decimals}

Families who are in need of support with food, there are Grab-and-Go sites for meals. Click on the following link to find a site near you,

We will be reaching out to families to see if you all need additional support. Mrs. D, our school counselor and Ms. Brittney, our counselor intern, and myself will be providing remote counseling.

Our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages will be up shortly. Stay tuned for information to connect with us via telephone.

Again, be safe and take this time to enjoy being with your family!


Principal Douglas

Click here for flyer –>Chromebook Distribution Flyer  A Line of students wearing potatoes sacks